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Challenge Yourself

Recruit. Train. Support. Retain.

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Creating Pathways

Hunter Netball provides opportunities for talented players to participate in a program of netball that will inspire, motivate, and challenge Hunter players, coaches, managers, bench officials and umpires in Netball NSW Metro League and / or Premier League and Boys and Men’s Competitions.

Hunter Netball offers a holistic program that looks at the individual needs of each athlete to create sustainable performance throughout the season.

Hunter Netball selectors understand that emerging talent develops at differing paces, and we are seeking players who display potential, have personal integrity and a determination to succeed.

Hunter Netball will expose its players to coaches with a strong understanding of the technical, tactical, physical and emotional aspects of the game.

Hunter Netball builds off the foundations of a strong and committed Committee, who will lead, promote and provide good governance on behalf of the Hunter Associations that it represents.

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